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Retreat Dharma Talks at Shakti Vihara

Portal to Pure Presence Retreat

The Forest Tradition uses wilderness as a mirror for seeing things as they are, finding balance and resting in awareness. The Garden of the Gods are 160 million year old rock formations on 1,600 acres minutes from the Shakti Vihara hermitage. For millennia it has been used for sacred gatherings. The power of the land supports it being a porthole to Pure Presence.

2014-09-02 (9 days) Shakti Vihara

2014-09-03 First talk of the retreat 60:12
Amma Thanasanti
2014-09-05 Vision and Focus 33:40
Amma Thanasanti
2014-09-07 Shelter from the storm 55:40
Amma Thanasanti
2014-09-08 Integrative path 47:11
Amma Thanasanti
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