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Retreat Dharma Talks at Shakti Vihara

Portal to Pure Presence

Insight retreat for experienced meditators using the Garden of the Gods - an ancient power spot - for awareness and mirroring the mind. Taught by Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni

2015-09-18 (10 days) Shakti Vihara

2015-09-19 Precious Human Birth 48:06
Amma Thanasanti
First talk of the retreat. The range of human experience includes choices based on greed, hatred and confusion or non green, non hatred and non confusion. There are many fortunate conditions that give someone faculties to hear to Dhamma, contemplate, practice a gradual path of awakening. Yet there are times when the path changes suddenly and we can feel groundless. Both the gradual and sudden aspects of the path are part of what we develop and realize as part of understanding the preciousness of our human birth.
2015-09-21 Mindfulness, hindrances and development 46:21
Amma Thanasanti
Overview of the foundations of mindfulness. The hindrances are observed as part of the 4th foundation. Understanding the hindrances both in terms of how they need to be kept in balance as as expressions of development.
2015-09-22 Getting a handle on "I am" 42:03
Amma Thanasanti
Using the aggregates and the sense bases to understand where, how, what and whereby "I" arises. The watching what happens when "I" dissolves.
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