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Amma Thanasanti's Dharma Talks at Shakti Vihara
Amma Thanasanti
Amma Ṭhanasanti is a California born spiritual teacher dedicated to serving all beings. Since she first encountered the Dharma in 1979, she has been committed to awakening. As a former Buddhist nun of 26 years, she combines the precision and rigor of the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition, compassion, pure awareness practices and a passion for wholeness. Amma has been teaching intensive meditation retreats in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia since 1995. She invites an openness to pause and inquire into the truth of the present moment, integrating what is liberating at the core of our human condition.
2016-06-01 Open to all-pervasive awareness 29:44
Beginning with body awareness. Allowing body to be like a mountain, releasing breath to the wind and opening mind to the vastness of the sky. Using desert metaphors to let go into all-pervasive awareness
Breaking the Cycle of Suffering

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